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Flirty Text Openers


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Do you often struggle coming up with witty, funny and teasing text messages? Well, don’t sweat it because that accounts for at least 95% of other guys out there unless you were born to seduce like one of those naturals.  I use these flirty text openers if I don’t have an inside joke from my first meeting.

  • “Knock Knock” (you know the drill) – These are probably my favorite
  • “What kind of trouble you getting into today??”
  • “What’s up Punk!!!”
  • “I just met your twin!”
  • “Guess What!”, reply, “Made you look at your phone”
  • “How is my favorite little brat doing?”

The best opener is by all means is an inside joke/call back humor from when you first met. It brings back the memories of your first meeting and puts her back in that state of mind. The more you think about openers, the worst it is. Your main goal with the opener should be to make her smile/chuckle/jaw drop(the good one) with a fun, flirty or teasing(light hearted) text and get a reply back to check her investment level.

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Funny Flirty Text messages

Once you get good at the art of flirting over text, you start to enjoy the banter, the silly inside jokes, light teasing way more than actually scoring with the girl. I love being a goof around my girl and all the silly stuff I do, she loves it. As you know, according eHarmony.com and Match.com the number one quality women are looking for is a sense of humor. Sending funny text messages really shows the girl that you are genuinely a funny, silly, light-hearted guy and if she decides to go out with you she knows it won’t be awkward. Let’s take a look at the some of the funny texts I use.


I have this app called iFunny and it’s a very popular app for the iPhone. Want to start a conversation? Don’t know what to text? Head on to iFunny and you will be pleased. Browse through the featured section, save the meme to your phone and text away. Remember, NO GUY HUMOR.

“Made You Look”

This is one of my go-to texts. It’s simple and as long as she is not super slow, she will appreciate you try to lift her mood up. If she doesn’t get it, tease her about it. It’s a win-win text.

Movie Quotes

You quote movies all the time with your friends, why not with a girl you are trying to hang out with? It will do a couple of things, first you will see if you two have something in common. Second, if she doesn’t get it, tease her. If she does get it, you will know she has a sense of humor and it will be fun hanging out with Her. IMHO, I would rather watch paint dry than hanging out with a boring girl who has nothing to bring to the table(besides the obvious).


I love one liners, two-liners, cliches, stupid jokes and etc. I am not going to give you examples because I know you can find them online.

If you want to get good at being funny, the only way to do it is by practice. I would try using experts material first, who know what works and what doesn’t. And once get good at keeping the banter going and pick up the pattern, you can invent your own funny texts.

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